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many love the  tranquility,...

For some it's simply  paradise,

it's like coming home...

for others the best fly fishing spot...

to relax ...

...and  to watch the world go by...
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In order to ensure our guests an enjoyable & relaxing vacation, we kindly ask you to comply with the following guidelines:
  • Visitors to your campsite/cabin please check-in at the office first

  • Keep your pet on a leash
  • Pick up after your pet
  • No pets in the washroom & shower facilities

  • Drive cautiously & obey speed limit
  • No use of ATVs or dirtbikes on resort grounds
  • RV/car wash or oil change is not permitted

  • Only electric motors are allowed on Fawn Lake
  • Moorage: $ 3.00 per day & boat
  • Please use designated docks

  • Check-in: after 2pm
  • Check-out: before 10am (late check-out fee will be charged)
  • Office/store hours: 8am - 8pm
  • Children must be supervised by adults at all times. Small children must be accompanied by an adult in washrooms, on the docks, bird watching tower, playground, at the beach etc.
  • There is no lifeguard on duty. All guests are responsible for their own safety.
  • This resort is privately owned and we retain the right to refuse entry and to require the departure of anyone causing damage to the property or disturbance to others.
  • The management is not responsible for any accidents/injuries or for loss/damage of valuables.
  • Please, help us to keep Fawn Lake Resort clean & tidy.

Campsites & cabin yards
  • Quiet hours: 10pm - 7am
  • Avoid excessive noise so that everyone can enjoy the peace & tranquility of the resort. Stereos at high volume are not allowed.
  • Use of generators is prohibited.
  • Fires are only allowed in fire-pits, don't move fire-pits. Never leave your campfire unattended.
  • Firewood can be purchased at the office, if you prefer to use your own wood, please tidy up any wood chips
  • Keep your site clean of paper, cigarette butts etc. Use designated garbage containers for garbage / cans & bottles
  • Pouring waste waters on open ground is prohibited
  • Max. 6 guests per campsite
  • Max. 1 car per campsite (if extra cars, pls. check with the office first)
Thank you very much for your co-operation!


+1 250 593 4654

Fawn Lake Resort
6850 Fawn Lake Access Rd #1
Lone Butte BC ,  V0K 1X1

+1 250 593 4654

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